Tiered Table

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ctb-1aTiered Table

The top tier is 36″ sq. then 24″ sq with an 18″ sq base. The interior of the drawer was finished in oak.

Pictured is a Tiered Table fabricated with Stainless Steel. This design was created by Master Metal Works and our customer, who saw a pool table with a similar design but wanted it for a coffee table. After scaling it down and adding the front drawer the customer was thrilled with the design.

The Tiered Table can be fabricated with just 2 tiers or as many tiers as needed and in any size required.

ctb-1Finishes Options:
Polished, Satin and Jitterbug Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze and Antique Bronze.

Master Metal Works is a custom manufacturer. All of our products can be altered to suit your needs. If it is a totally custom item you need, call us and our custom estimating department will go right to work on a quote for you. Your custom design can be created for you in 3-5 weeks.

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