Illusion Base

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Illusion Base

illusionThe base pictured is fabricated from Stainless Steel. The glass top rests on the legs and center ball, and extends only 1 1/2″ beyond the legs. Where as the bottom glass shelf fits snugly to the inside of the legs on top of the center and four corner balls thus giving the illusion of floating.

The legs are 3″ dia. Satin Stainless Steel. The center balls are 3″ dia. and the four (4) corner balls are 1″ dia. All with a Satin finish. The stretchers are fabricated from 3/8″ x 1 1/4″ Stainless Steel bar stock and are highly polished to a mirror like finish.

This base can be fabricated with any of the finishes listed below and in any combination. Brass legs and stretchers with matte black balls or Stainless Steel legs and stretchers with Copper balls. The combinations are endless.


Illusion Base with Glass Top

Finish Options
Matte Black
Polished and Satin Chrome / Nickel
Medium Antique Bronze (M.A.B.)
Polished or Satin Brass / Bronze
Polished, Satin or Jitterbug Stainless Steel
Polished, Satin, Antique Brass or Bronze
Just about any material and finish to match your decor.

Table Dimensions
Base dimensions are 18″W x 44″L x 27″ HOA
With Glass 21″W x 47″L x 27 1/2″ HOA

As with finishes, this base can be fabricated to any size required.

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