Hand Painted Cylinders

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hndpntcHand Painted Cylinders
Do you like purple but can’t find a purple cylinder? Or perhaps you are just looking for something different. Master Metal Works is now offering hand textured and glazed Cylinders. Each cylinder begins with a Matte Black Powder Coat then the colored glaze is applied, then coated to protect the finish. As with anything done by hand, each item is unique and the patterns are random and cannot be duplicated exactly.

Normally samples are supplied at no cost, however due to the time involved with the application of these finishes, there is a US$10.00 charge for each sample requested.
Please specify color choice.

Master Metal Works is a custom manufacturer. All of our products can be altered to suit your needs. If it is a totally custom item you need, call us and our custom estimating department will go right to work on a quote for you. Your custom design can be created for you in 3-5 weeks.

Cylinder base color is Matte Black

Available on the following cylinders and platers
Full Round
Half Round

Open top with tabs, Finished top, Wood top

Optional Extras
Steel top and bottom plate

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