Cylindra Base

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cylwglssThe Cylindra Base is offered in a variety of diameter’s and height’s. With the simple addition of a floating glass top, any of our cylinder bases will become an elegant “Cylindra Base”. Available with clear or smoked glass. Glass risers and caps can be any diameter and height.

Size range 14″ dia. to 48″ dia. various heights.

Finishes Options:
Matte Black Powder Coat, Polished, Satin or Jitterbugged Stainless Steel, Polished, Satin or Antiqued Brass/Bronze.

With the exception of the Matte Black Powder Coat Cylinders, all our cylinders are made from solid sheet metal, stainless, brass, and bronze. They are not plated steel, therefore giving them a longer lasting beauty and strength. They can be refinished if needed. This is not possible with plated cylinders.

Please call our sales department for pricing.

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