Curvation Console Table

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Curvation Console Table

This is our companion piece for the “Curvation” Dining Table


The Console Table pictured above measures 12” x 48” x 27” hoa. Veneered in Rosewood with a Maple inlay top. The finish is hand rubbed to bring out the rich warm glow of the wood. The Console Table is curved on three sides. The back is flat for mounting to a wall or for use as a sofa table. The top has an 1-1/2” bevel on three sides/ Curvation, so named for it’s may curves. Though the pictures does not adequately show it, the bottom section of Curvation does bow outward.

Curvation can be fabricated with a finished inlay top or with a non-veneered top for your granite or marble top. The size of Curvation is up to you. We will fabricate Curvation to suit your needs.

Curvation can be finished with our standard lacquer finish instead of the hand rubbed finish.

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