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CT-402 & CT-404

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CT-402 & CT-404

This is a unique base with it’s multiple ladders that form the support for your top. The Ladder Cross Base is fabricated from 1-1/2” sq. tubing that is welded to the cross bass. The runs of the ladder are ½” sq. tubing that are inset on the diagonal. Each section is welded and ground smooth for that seamless look.

The Ladder Cross Base is available as a free standing or a “T” Style base.

Finish Options:
Matte Black Powder Coat, Polished or Satin Stainless Steel.

Custom finishes and sizes available.

CT-402 CT-404
Size Options: For Top Size Size Options: For Top Size
14” 36” wide 14” 34” rd/sq
18” 38” wide 18” 38” rd/sq
22” 42” wide 22” 42” rd/sq
24” 44” wide 24” 44” rd/sq
28″ 48” wide 28” 48″ rd/sq
32″ 52” wide 32″ 52” rd/sq
36″ 56” wide 36″ 56” rd/sq
40″ 60” wide 40″ 60” rd/sq


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Also joining our Disk & Column Collection is our CD-3400. We offer a sturdy 1-1/2″ th disk base with elliptical columns. Measuring 3″ x 4″ we offer this innovative design in a 3 or 4 column configuration. Marble top by others.

Finish Options:
Matte Black, Satin or Polished Chrome, Satin, Polished or Antiqued Brass

Custom finishes and sizes available

Size Options: For Top Size
19” 36” rd/sq
25” 40” rd/sq
31” 54” rd/sq

Tiered Table

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ctb-1aTiered Table

The top tier is 36″ sq. then 24″ sq with an 18″ sq base. The interior of the drawer was finished in oak.

Pictured is a Tiered Table fabricated with Stainless Steel. This design was created by Master Metal Works and our customer, who saw a pool table with a similar design but wanted it for a coffee table. After scaling it down and adding the front drawer the customer was thrilled with the design.

The Tiered Table can be fabricated with just 2 tiers or as many tiers as needed and in any size required.

ctb-1Finishes Options:
Polished, Satin and Jitterbug Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze and Antique Bronze.

Master Metal Works is a custom manufacturer. All of our products can be altered to suit your needs. If it is a totally custom item you need, call us and our custom estimating department will go right to work on a quote for you. Your custom design can be created for you in 3-5 weeks.


Illusion Base

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Illusion Base

illusionThe base pictured is fabricated from Stainless Steel. The glass top rests on the legs and center ball, and extends only 1 1/2″ beyond the legs. Where as the bottom glass shelf fits snugly to the inside of the legs on top of the center and four corner balls thus giving the illusion of floating.

The legs are 3″ dia. Satin Stainless Steel. The center balls are 3″ dia. and the four (4) corner balls are 1″ dia. All with a Satin finish. The stretchers are fabricated from 3/8″ x 1 1/4″ Stainless Steel bar stock and are highly polished to a mirror like finish.

This base can be fabricated with any of the finishes listed below and in any combination. Brass legs and stretchers with matte black balls or Stainless Steel legs and stretchers with Copper balls. The combinations are endless.


Illusion Base with Glass Top

Finish Options
Matte Black
Polished and Satin Chrome / Nickel
Medium Antique Bronze (M.A.B.)
Polished or Satin Brass / Bronze
Polished, Satin or Jitterbug Stainless Steel
Polished, Satin, Antique Brass or Bronze
Just about any material and finish to match your decor.

Table Dimensions
Base dimensions are 18″W x 44″L x 27″ HOA
With Glass 21″W x 47″L x 27 1/2″ HOA

As with finishes, this base can be fabricated to any size required.


The Ring Table

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ringtablThe Ring Table

Stunning, Sensational, Spectacular.
Just a few of the words used to describe this custom table and that was before the marble top was on.

This beautiful console table measured 16” x 100” x 36” hoa. The center ring measured 29” dia., with the two half rings measuring 29” x 15”. All 1-1/4” thick. Fabricated out of stainless steel with a brushed finish.

This Console table not only has a massive appearance and demands all the attention but you must be sure of it’s location, as it weighed almost 2000 pounds. Once it’s down , it’s not moving.


Contour Base

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conbaseContour Base

The Contour Base incorporates soft gentle curves with the durability of metal. Add the smoked glass top, cut to fit each curve perfectly and you have a beautiful addition to your room. Levelers included.

Overall height 16” – 18”

Available in Stainless, Brass or Pewter.
Glass top optional.

Size Options:
18” x 30″
20” x 36″
30” x 42″
35″ x 43″


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Our CTC-50 offers 1″ square tube legs and apron for onset glass. Please note:
This base can be shipped K.D.

Overall Height 16” to 27”

Finish Options:
Matte Black, Polished or Satin Chrome, Polished Satin or Antiqued Brass/Bronze.

Size Options: For Top Size
18” sq 30” sq
24” sq 36” sq
28” sq 40” sq
30” sq 42” sq
32” sq 44” sq
36” sq 48” sq
42” sq 54” sq


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As seen on H.G.T.V.’s show “Designer’s Challenge”.

We use 2″ square tubing with radiused corners on our CTP-200 base. Each corner is mitered then welded and the welds are then ground down smooth for a seamless appearance. The base is then highly polished for a mirror like finish. For a satin finish the staining is vertical on the legs and horizontal on the apron. The two finishes meet on the diagonal at each mitered corner.

“Designer’s Challenge”

Two of our CTP-200 bases were fabricated using 2-1/2″ square tubing and satin finished. These bases were used for a dining table in a great room designed by Estelle Jaivin, ASID, CCIDC and shown on H.G.T.V.’s show Designer’s Challenge of which Master Metal Works was featured, showing the processes required to fabricate the bases.

Finish Options
Matte Black, Polished or Satin Stainless Steel, Polished, Satin or Antique Brass/Bronze


CTP-200 with Metal Top

Square Rectangular
Size Options: For Top Size Size Options: For Top Size
18” sq 30” sq 24″ x 30” 36″ x 42″
24” sq 36” sq 20″ x 60″ 32″ x 72″
30” sq 42” sq 20″ x 72″ 32″ x 84″
36” sq 48” sq 24″ x 60″ 36″ x 72″
42″ sq 54” sq 24″ x 72″ 36″ x 84″
Overall Height 16” to 27” Overall Height 21” to 27”