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Glass Corner Mounts

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glsscmntaGlass Corner Mounts
Have you ever had the perfect piece of glass, then suddenly a corner is chipped making the glass top unsightly as well as a safety issue? We did.

After my custom designed desk was completed and placed in my office, another piece of furniture was being placed in the room and it tapped the corner of my glass top. There goes my corner! For many that would have meant buying another piece of glass. But we’re Master Metal Works. By the next day my production manager had come up with a solution. “GLASS CORNER MOUNTS”.

They fit perfectly over the broken corner. Double faced tape was used to attach them. Now my desk is even more unique and safer.

The Glass Corner Mounts are sold as a set of four (4). With the double faced adhesive tape. The ones shown have a dove wing shape but most any shape can be created to suit your needs.glsscmnt

Finish Options
Matte Black, Polished and Satin Chrome / Nickel, Polished Black Chrome / Nickel, Medium Antique Bronze (M.A.B.), Polished or Satin Brass / Bronze
Polished, Satin, Orbital, Jitterbug Stainless Steel
Polished, Satin, Antique Brass or Bronze
Can be fabricated for any glass thickness, and almost any material and finish to match your decor