About Us – MMW

The company began in 1934 as Caughran Industires, fabricating staircases and railings. In 1964 the company changed names to Master Metal Works, Inc. and began fabricating metal furniture. A new era began which has now lasted 49 years.

In 1983 the company goal was  to become the foremost leader in  high quality, architectural metal furniture, fixtures and decorative hardware. It took a few years but we succeeded and we are please to be known as the manufacturer to go to for high quality metal work.

We do not import, we do not resell, we CREATE !  Every custom item  is made to your specification in our California factory. All of our standard catalog items are made to order. The only products we stock are our Hardware items (fabricating these in quantity keeps the prices down).

Be it our product line or your CUSTOM requirement, Master Metal Works is the company for you.


mmw-wingsbaseMaster Metal Works is now More than just metal…

Please take a moment to view our new line of wood and wood veneered products. Our Cylinder Bases, Tube Legs, and Cube Bases are fabricated with steel cores. This enables us to provide you with a product that is durable and in most cases lighter than if it were solid wood, giving you the strength of metal with the classic beauty of wood.

Master Metal Works is pride, integrity and craftsmanship since 1934.